Custom Channel Letters Signs Canada

Your company’s signage has a direct impact on your sales and success, whether you’re searching for illuminated signs Canada, window decals Canada, monument signs, channel letter signs Canada, engraved signs, or awning graphics. Finding the correct signage solutions for your business can be difficult with so many alternatives available.

Are you looking for a better way to display your company name or logo? to boost company visibility, brand recognition, and geographical awareness. All of which are important in developing strong client relationship and a wide customer base?

Your company signage has a direct impact on your sales and success. Are you searching for illuminated signs Canada, window decals Canada, monument signs, channel letters Canada, engraved signs, or awning graphics?

Finding the correct signage solutions for your business can be difficult with so many alternatives available.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself! Call Signimpact now to learn how we can assist you in creating, designing, and implementing signage that is appropriate for your business.

Pros and Cons of Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs Canada are three-dimensional lit visual communication solutions that are typically found in stores. Unlike other types of signage, channel letter signs have each letter and character meticulously produced and mounted on a mount. Many business owners select bespoke channel letter signs because of its professional yet appealing approach that piques passers by attention.

Channel Letters can be used outdoor signage or indoor signage; however, they are mainly employed as outdoor signage. They are typically utilized on commercial and other properties like strip centres, businesses, and churches.

What Type of Channel Letter Signs Signimpact is Producing?

Signimpact Manufacturing by using the latest technology to offer our customers the best high-quality Channel Letters at the lowest costs in the market. Our clients include a range of regional and local businesses located throughout Canada.

Our fabrication facilities include CNC Routing, ACUBEND letter forming, a print and vinyl department, and a neon shop. Our light station. Our equipment and fabrication techniques enable us to create the highest quality Channel Letters quickly and efficiently to satisfy any order size regardless of whether it’s a single Channel Letter set or two dozen.

How Many Types of Channel Letters in Canada We Are Providing?

Channel Letters 1

Front-lit signs are made up of individually cut and placed signage parts that have hollow interiors through which LED tubes pass. They also have translucent faces that may be coloured to match your company’s branding. Mainly Signimpact is providing major three types of channel letters.

1. Halo illuminated channel letters:

Reverse channel letters are sophisticated and eye-catching visual marketing tools that can help your company stand out from the competition. LED tubes are attached to the rear of the sign parts and reflect off the wall’s illumination, creating a halo effect.

2. Combination signs:

Investing in combination signs is the way to go if you’re searching for a foolproof approach to help claim your position, make a statement in Canada, and increase foot traffic. These LED channel letter signs, as the name implies, combine front and back illumination types to create hard-to-miss and easy-to-remember signage.

3. Open face signs:

Open face channel letters are a safer and more cost-effective alternative to traditional neon for entrepreneurs. The light tubes within are exposed because the front piece has no covering. Storefront channel letters with an open face have a beautiful vintage feel that would complement businesses with a similar brand image. Of course, they can also be used as marketing decor for hip and quirky businesses looking to attract customers.

What is the purpose of Channel Letter signs?

Channel Letters are three-dimensional individual cutout letters or figures illuminated signs or not and attached to a structure or a building. Channel Letters are an ideal option for signage that is high-profile applications. Each set of channel letters are made to order and custom-designed to match the building’s architectural style. Signimpact fabricate Channel Letters with aluminum since it is not as susceptible to rust like other metals. This helps prolong the life of the letters and also maintains the look.

Classic neon tubing and high-efficiency LED’s are a possibility as a source of light, each with its unique advantages. The letters lighted on the face consist of a U-shaped tube constructed from aluminum and then riveted to create its intended shape. Once the channel for the letter is made, then custom-blown neon glass or LED’s modules are put in. The Acrylic letter faces are fixed onto the beginning of the letter. The letter is then connected to a transformer or power source located within the raceway or remotely behind the wall according to the mounting method chosen.

Signimpact can also manufacture reverse channel letters. The letters or logos all are made of metal. However, they are open in the back, so the light has reflected the wall, creating a halo effect. Lighting for the front and back “halo” illumination can be used in conjunction to create an exciting Channel Letter set drawing maximum interest.

What are Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs?

Channel Letters 2

Specific Features

Front-lit channel letters are the most commonly used type of sign that businesses sell these days. Channel letters are inexpensive, durable, long-lasting, and in the proper configuration. Channel letters are an essential component of your overall advertising and marketing initiatives.

Channel Letters are composed of five primary elements.

The Face

The Trim Cap

The Return

The Back

The Lighting Source.

  • The Face:

Your frontal-lit channel letters is made of transparent acrylic. The Face could either be white, plain or coloured. Front-lit channel letters made of clear acrylic will prove the most popular and the most economical alternative. There is the option of adding high-performance vinyl or digitally printed vinyl when you prefer a customized colour for the sign. Each option will increase the cost of your sign.

  • Trim Cap:

Trim cap is an aluminum strip that is encased in soft acrylic. The trim cap is available in various colours, and it is glued to the Face of the acrylic that your letters are placed on. The primary purpose of the cap is to secure the letter’s Face to the return of aluminum.

  • The Return:

Returns of channel letters consists of the sides made of aluminum of the letter. The Returns from the back of your letter. They’re the thing that gives your letter its depth. They also provide an area for the LED neon signs in the channel letters to distribute light throughout. The most popular method for making a Return is to use computer-aided bending machines. Returns are available with a mix of the standard primary colours, or they can be painted to match your chosen colour.

  • The Back:

The backings link to the letter of a channel by three main methods, including welding, stapling and punching. When the back and the returns of the channel letters join together, the letter is an enclosure for the illuminated components.


Illumination Channel letters utilize either LED’s or neon as the primary source of lighting. Neon is available in various shades, but you need to know the costs associated with using neon. The illumination of neon can be costly and requires regular maintenance, which could be thousands of dollars each year as it gets older. The LED’s are available in a limited number of shades. Due to their higher effectiveness, they require less energy and maintenance.

What are Reverse-Lit Channel Letter Signs Canada ?

channel letter signs

The reverse Pan Channel Letters Canada produce a light effect that shines the light directly from the back of the letters. By making the front that forms the front of the channel letters made of metal and leaving the open space at the side of the letter, this lets light escape from the rear of the letter.

The letter’s rear, which is where light escapes through, is protected by a clear acrylic covering with the LED’s mounted on the Face of the acrylic that is transparent and pointed toward the Face. Light bounces off of the Face before returning to its back. It spreads out evenly, creating a “halo” appearance around the outside of the letters.

Reverse Channel Letters Canada are recommended to sit on the wall with spacers at a minimum of 1″ away from the wall, permitting light to flow in an evenly arranged pattern. Reverse Channel Letters give more of a classic and elegant design than front-lit channel lettering.

Reverse Channel Letters are typically between 20% and 30 per cent more than standard channel letters because of the welding needed to join the returns and Face.

Signimpact offers an opacifier film to the reverse of acrylic, which can soften the light to the desired level as an additional option.

Open-faced Neon Channel Letters

It has been a staple throughout the development of signs. Even with the arrival of LED-lit signimpact at the beginning of 2000, neon is still a staple in the market as an effective advertising solution for any size business. The style of a sign is far more attractive and efficient in creating excitement than a beautiful neon sign.

How Neon Tube Light Colours are Produced? Detailed Explanation.

A bender for neon tubes creates an attractive appearance from neon by bending glass tubes to form a letter. The colours of neon tubes can be made through the kind of glass used and the gases utilized.

There are three kinds of neon glass. Clear, Coated and painted.

When mixed with different gas types, the clear glass produces different shades when it is stimulated by electricity. Neon gas creates red, Helium creates orange light, and xenon creates blue or grey light. Coated Glass provides various colours by using a colour-coated layer inside the glass and, when any of the three kinds of gas is utilized, it will produce a particular colour.


As its name suggests, Open-Faced Neon signs no face covering the neon within the letter. The clear faces protect your neon against damage caused to hail or birds nesting inside the cans inside the envelope.


The maintenance of your signage must be considered before purchasing. Even the most high-end neon signs require regular maintenance, and the letters’ brightness may decrease with in the time.

Specialty Channel Letter Signs

  • Your specifications are met.
  • It is possible to design various options on highlights, colour-changing LEDs, perforated, non-illuminated returns, night and day vinyl.
  • Customized shapes, textures, vinyl overlays, paint colours, finishes and patinas.
  • They are sometimes referred to as back-lit or halo-lit channel letters.
  • If you’re able to imagine it, Signimpact can build it and then install it.