Signimpact sign permits in Canada

sign permits Canada

First that, sign permits Canada are required for permanent and temporary signs. Check out the Zoning Code section for Signs for more details.

Permanent Sign Permits in Canada

• Permit charges for permanent signs are based on work valuation.

• The contractor who is performing the work must be licensed by the City. Call us and verify that you have a City permit that is in good condition.

• Two sets of plans must be submitted along with the signed Application for a Canada sign permit Application.

Temporary Sign Permits for Signs in Canada

Temporary signs that are allowed include portable signs, banners pennants, window signs.

The cost for temporary signs is easily affordable. The sign can be displayed for until 30 days. Before that, security deposit is required to Canada sign bylaw. This will be returned if the requirements of the ordinance and permit are satisfied.

In no circumstance shall temporary sign permit exceed 4 (4) in an entire calendar year. That is, an aggregate of one hundred twenty-days in the calendar year, with only sixty days to be used for non-banner-type temporary signs per company and/or tenant.

• Single-tenant structures: A temporary sign permit is not valid for more than 30 consecutive days and a permit must be issued in less than 30 days of the date of expiration of a previous permit.

• Multiple-tenant property: A temporary sign permit is not granted for longer than 30 days.

sign permits Canada

Two tenants are allowed to have temporary sign permits simultaneously.

If there are three or more tenants in a building there is a limit of one tenant is allowed to have an interim signing permit during any one moment.

Temporary sign permits in Canada cannot never be transferred from one tenant to the next in order to increase the number of signs during any calendar year.

Signs that are allowed in certain types

If you’re considering putting up an advertisement, it is crucial to review and be aware of the rules for each kind of city of Toronto sign permit. The most commonly used types of signs include:

1. Mobile

2. Frame or Sidewalk

3. Ground

4. Temporary

5. Posters

6. Banners

Signs of all kinds are not permitted. Apply for a Canada sign bylaw exemption. Penalties for infringements of the By-law of Sign. How can you get rid of a sign?

Signs posted on municipal property

A temporary sign cannot be legally valid if it is:

• Are closer than 15 meters to an intersection.

• Are located within 30 meters from the nearest City bus shelter or transit bench bus zone.

• Is located in the Playground Zone or school Zone.

• The sign is placed within 20m of a sign that is placed by the same owner, or illustrates, promotes or takes up the concept.

• The location is within 2 meters of a Fire Hydrant.

• The crosswalk is situated within 10 meters of a crosswalk which is not located at an intersection.

• It is less than 2 meters away from the curb or edge of the road.

• It is placed in any roadside island or central median.

• Blocks traffic control devices.

• Are erected on any prohibited or restricted road.

• It creates a pedestrian or traffic danger.

• It is displayed for a period of longer than 14 days prior to or for longer than 24 hours after the day of the advertised occasion, or the lesser (see the exceptions to election signage below).

A temporary sign isn’t legally attached if:

• It is attached to a standard street light pole or traffic signal pole or City signal pole (except to display posters).

• It is attached to or within a plus 15 bridge pedestrian walkway or overpass.

• Connected to an audio wall.

• It is permanently fixed.

• Supported by string or rope. It can also be supported by a guide wire made of metal.

• Damage or causes to the municipal property.

A temporary sign isn’t legal if:

• The device has a location, shape color, format, or illumination that is comparable to the traffic control device.

• It is set on any painted or decorative lamp post. This includes posters.

• It could pose a risk for the person who is making the sign, or anyone else in the public.

• The sign’s face must be that is larger in size than 0.6 meters square (3 sq. meters to accommodate elections as well as mobile community signs).

• It is lit, electric, or inflatable.

• It is ugly, damaged, or is in disrepair.

If you plan to put up a sign to advertise your business, or alter an existing sign, you’ll need City Of Vancouver sign Permits. You need a business license before you can apply for a sign permit.

Before you apply, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Signimpact to understand what is and is not permitted. If it’s not mentioned in the bylaw, it’s not permitted.

To apply, you’ll need to provide a completed application form and include the following:

  • exact wording proposed
  • a scale drawing showing:
    • size of sign (height & width)
    • dimension of lettering (height & width), depth
    • sign colors and materials
    • width and height of store facade
  • location of sign on building and method of attachment (for new canopies and awning sign additional drawings)
  • a West Vancouver Business License

What types of signs are not permitted in Canada?

  • sandwich boards
  • temporary freestanding signs
  • second storey fascia, awning and canopy signs
  • banners, balloons and bunting
  • inflatable devices
  • revolving, animated, flashing or moving signs

All exterior signs are required to meet the City’s Sign permits. Signs that require modifications to a building to install, that extend over public property, or are free-standing may require a Building Permit. Electrical connections to a sign will require an Electrical Permit.


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