Decorative and Privacy Window Films

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Signimpact is proud to offer an extensive collection of privacy and decorative windows films in many different patterns, frosts, and shades. With so many different decorative films to pick from, you will certainly find the perfect film for your next DIY project. Our offerings range from low-cost, lightweight films to high-end products. Our specialty films consist of blends of two films for unique designs and custom fake wrought iron inserts, as well as static clings that look like images have been etched into your glass. Certain films can be utilized on other flat surfaces in addition to glass. For this type of film, select”Multi-Surface Films” in the “Multi-Surface films” category.

Many of our DIY customers are looking to create Mirrors that have One-Way or Two-Way effects or “Observation Glass’. This effect can be achieved by the application of reflective solar window films.

Many films are offered in custom-cut lengths. However, Signimpact offers an assortment of the most popular windows films in standard pre-cut sizes. If you’re seeking standard pre-cuts, choose the first option below, “Standard Size Precuts.”

Window films are an affordable, flexible alternative to blinds and curtains. Certain films offer a certain amount of privacy while still letting light in, while others offer total privacy in one direction or two ways. Certain options provide energy savings in addition. Films are usually simple to set up and come in various designs, colors, and styles.

Read on to learn more about this type of window frostings, the important aspects of looking for, and the aspects to consider when shopping to ensure you choose the most suitable window tinting to meet your requirements.

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We at Signimpact We want to make sure that you buy the top home products while shopping online. You’ve searched for decorative window film , and this page lists the closest matches we have available for decorative window films to purchase on the internet. With thousands of different furniture accessories, decor and homewares choices, we’ll help you discover the ideal solution to your taste and home. Explore our extensive assortment of brands like Guzhai as well as Red Barrel Studio. If you’re unable to find the ideal product in the results of you current searches for decorative windows films Try looking again or by using the Department navigation located at the left side on the homepage.

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Window Films has been supplying and installing with care premium quality window films across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Our professional, courteous and fully insured staff is committed to exceeding our customers expectations. We believe that recommendations are the most effective method of advertising, and a job that is done properly is the most effective way to advertise. Check out our testimonials page or browse the reviews we have posted of Google or Homestar to learn about our many happy customers and their experiences.

Signimpact develops our full-color large-scale and precise-cut custom-designed graphics in-house. We can keep a design theme or strengthen your brand by providing a broad variety of graphic designs for walls, windows, or any other flat surface. Visit the Custom Graphics page for some of the most impressive residential and commercial projects that we’ve had the pleasure of working on during GTHA such as retail storefronts, beautiful home window graphics, letters murals, and many more!

Signimpact has been aware of the numerous DIYers who are keen to tackle their own home improvements. Signimpact strives to satisfy the demands of these customers by offering a variety of DIY-friendly resources, including no-cost window films Installation kits as well as a wide selection of specialty and window films, such as solar Tints & Reflective film as well as decorative & privacy films Safety & Security laminates, Auto Tints & Paint Protection wrap, as well as many specialty films for surfaces. We deliver across the majority of Canada as well as across the U.S. (you may check the shipping cost estimator after you add the items into your shopping cart). Customers who live in the GTA could save on shipping costs by selecting the option of picking up in-store at our store located in the north-west Scarborough region of Toronto.

Professional window film installation and property managers, as well as set designers/decorators , and interior designers come to Signimpact to purchase wholesale windows and surfaces films. We invite you to contact Signimpact for professional samples.

Window Films with a PRIVACY & DECORATE FEEL and more!

Signimpact Window Films prides itself by offering a broad range of privacy and decorative window films with a broad range of frosts, patterns textures, and shades. With a myriad of decorative films available it is certain that you will find the perfect film for your project. Our selection of products ranges from cheap lightweight films to high-end products. Our speciality films consist of the fusion of two decorative films with distinctive patterns, custom fake wrought iron accents as well as static cling decals that appear like images have been cut inside your window. Certain films can be utilized on flat surfaces other than glass. For these films, please select”Multi-Surface Films” in the “Multi-Surface films” category.

A large portion of our DIY customers are looking to design Two-Way and One-Way mirror effects, also referred to as “Observation Glass’. This effect is created through the application of reflective solar films,

Scroll down to see our entire range of Privacy and Decorative Window Films and select an appropriate sub-category from the menu. Note: The majority of films are offered in custom cut lengths but we’re now offering the most popular films cut in standard pre-cut sizes. If you are looking for standard pre-cuts only, please click on the first option below “Standard size pre-cuts”

Signimpact Window Films offers more than just window film – the multi-surface films within this category are able to be used on almost all smooth surfaces. They can also be applied to curved surfaces since you can the film using the use of a hair dryer or heat gun (check the product description for more information on this). Create a unique effect with any the Signimpact Window Films low-tack wood grain multi-surface carbon fiber film.

Be sure to read the description of the item prior to placing an order for windows. Not all multi-surface film is recommended for installation on windows with an exterior.

Types of privacy window films

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The best choice of window films depends on the purpose and desired style. Create your unique look and include an element of vibrant colors and fun patterns, or opt for straightforward, practical films that offer protection from UV rays, as well as light control. Choose from the collection below to determine which one will suit your requirements best.

1. Standard Window Films

The traditional windows are available in various kinds based on the degree of opacity: blackout translucent and whiteout.

  • A film that is blackout blocks nearly all light that could otherwise enter the room. This film can offer two-way privacy. It has an illusion of reflection; however, on the inside, it appears black. Since they completely dim the room, they are an ideal choice for people working night shifts and sleeping during daylight hours. They’re also popular among those who have windows that face a busy street or have curious neighbors.
  • Translucent films provide a compromise between privacy and light, letting in light and brightening the room but still providing a visual wall. Typically, translucent films give blurred images when you look in from the outside. Translucent films come in various patterns, colors, and shapes, such as flowers or birds. They can be applied to exterior glass windows as well as interior glass doors and windows.
  • The whiteout movie is commonly utilized to create separation in rooms, using the same level of transparency and privacy that Window Films offer. Instead of being black, the glass appears white from the outside and inside, creating a soft, more calming, and lighter mood to the space. Install this type of film to bathrooms, meeting rooms, and retail spaces to create a partition or outside windows.

2. Solar Window Film

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Solar window films use to protect your home’s residents as well as furniture from harmful ultraviolet (UV) Rays. They reduce the number of UV rays absorbed by the surrounding environment, protect the skin from injury, and prevent furniture from aging and discoloration.